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Beloved child, I'm The Goddess, your Divine Mother, and it's with my mother's heart full of excitement and love that I inaugurate this my Healing Temple, a sacred place where you can regenerate yourself with my nourishing Love and Divine Presence.
Choose the subject on which to focus the energies (leave "Myself" if it's just for you), the type of Chamber and the time, press the "Start..." button, close your eyes, do some deep breaths, relax and enjoy the experience. :)

These are my currently available chambers:
  • The Healing Chamber (healing at 360 degrees)
  • The Crystal Chamber (evolution at 360 degrees)
  • The Meditation Chamber (boosts every meditation, improving and tuning its focus and power)
Everlasting Blessings and Love to all my Beloved children

The Goddess

Focus On:
The Goddess Community

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